Let’s take the Mystery out of Student Growth data.

Kids at the Core provides targeted Professional Development to help teachers and administrators improve the instructional use of assessment growth and learning data through training such as: developing quality local assessments, data responsiveness, standards alignment, and instructional strategies.

We provide educators guidance through: free articles, free web events, local workshops, online conferences, in district consultation, PERA Joint committee training, teacher workshops and more.

  • Powerful Professional Development & Resources

  • Dynamic Workshops and Academies

  • Teacher PLC Facilitation and Guidance

  • Online Learning

  • Powerful material for reflection & improvement

  • Keynotes and workshop facilitation

  • Administrator workshops

Why Kids at the Core?

We’ve been there: stretched thin and facing yet another new initiative. We understand limited time and resources. With experience on our side, the Professional Development we offer is straightforward and efficient. Kids at the Core was founded by Illinois Practitioners with a tight budget and a laundry list of new initiatives looking for the most effective resources and training.

Less theory and more concrete: make the professional growth process efficient and meaningful. The founders of Kids at the Core set out on a mission to design modules full of examples and the technical assistance educators need to implement change and improvement successfully. We set out to obtain quality data to can help teachers write goals and improve instruction through fair, information rich local tools. The valuable successes and day to day lessons learned while working through the process have became the foundation for the work of Kids at the Core.

For Administrators?

Administrator time is precious: spend it wisely. With a plate full of initiatives and day to day responsibilities, knowing how to get the right information quickly is an art. We provide consultation services, on-site training, assistance with examples of how to implement initiatives as well as toolkits to empower you in front of your staff with videos and activities for local PD.

The “RIGHT” Presentation is key: We believe the power of many initiatives hinge in their delivery. Within every speaker and facilitator is the role of motivational speaker. We take the time with your staff very seriously. Beyond sharing relevant and focused content, the presentations are designed to motivate and excite teachers. Empowering staff to understand what they can do for the education of our students and the importance of the task at hand increases the likelihood the initiative will be a success.

Our Administrator PD is most often through: In-District PD, Toolkit and Facilitation, Articles or through Large Multi District Workshops.

For Teachers?

Teacher time is precious: spend it wisely. Teachers need great resources and tools that are practically and efficiently designed. This is why all trainings through KATC are focused and packed with concrete examples and resources for implementation. One thing all educators have in common: we are short on time.

Empower teaching with assessment literacy: We believe all teachers should understand how to create or identify appropriate assessment tools to measure and monitor student learning and growth. This may include training on assessment alignment, question complexity, performance assessments and rubrics, developing valid assessments, and even grading assessments. Quality assessments will lead to better information about student needs and therefore instruction more efficiently targeted to student needs.

Empower teaching with data literacy: We believe all teachers should confidently interpret their own assessment data and use that information to pivot instruction to meet the unique needs of students in the classroom. The goal setting process (SLO or other) has the evidence based practice of using data embedded in its core. Thus, teachers need strategies and tools to become comfortable with not only interpretation of data and setting goals, but also the determining the actions they need to take to achieve goals. This may include training on the assessment tool, data interpretation, writing goals and instructional responsiveness to data to achieve goals.

Empower teaching with layers of cognitive demand: We believe all teachers should analyze skills for the level of thinking required of students in order to successfully engage with and solve a task. Identification of low level cognitive demand tasks versus high level cognitive demand tasks is only a first step to creating a balanced instructional plan as well as a balanced assessment system. Teachers need not only training in types of task and question complexity but also strategies and tools to improve the balance of tasks in a classroom and assure the assessment is reflective of the complexity in the classroom.

Our Teacher PD is most often through: Graduate Courses, In-District PD, Toolkits, Articles or through large multi district workshops.

Can using Student Growth data be Positive?

A continuous focus on student growth and learning aligns with why we are educators: Making all students better today than they were yesterday. This approach keeps us focused on the whole spectrum of students. Kids At The Core works with educators to improve classroom instruction and assessment through quality classroom assessments giving teachers and administrators key data to inform instructional planning and use for reporting. Kids at the Core provides innovative approaches with realistic classroom strategies and resources designed around always doing what’s best for kids first.

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