Live Action NGSS

These Standards are made for doing. As many classrooms are realigning curriculum to the carefully crafted and highly praised Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), many classrooms are coming up short of the intended rigor and requirements. In our action research we have noticed some key shortcomings, and would like to offer helpful solutions. Issue #1 […]

Assessment Quality

Teachers are making critical decisions about instruction…hopefully driven by student quality assessments results. The underlying concern:   If the assessment is not high quality, can we make useful instructional changes as a result?   Criteria can be used by assessment developers, policymakers, and educators as they work to create and adopt assessments that promote deeper learning […]


NGSS Practices: The Skills of Science

IMPORTANT:  Are you implementing NGSS with the expected RIGOR? The Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) are an exceptional set of guidelines to foster a deeper understanding of the skills associated with science and engineering.  Rather than focusing on laundry lists of facts to be memorized, the standards really set students on a path to “doing” […]