Kids Taking Action

Challenge vs Threat Mindsets

We are at an intersection:  An educator-evaluator meeting is about to begin.  The teacher walks slowly down the hall to the administrator’s office.  The teacher’s mind is running:  lesson plans, student successes, students acting out, unfinished grading, parents to call, curriculum to review!  Attitude, perception and creativity hang in a balance as the teacher appraises […]

Instructional Response in the PLC

“We gave the assessment…and not everyone got it. Now what?”   Laying the Foundation We’ve designed assessments, we’ve given them to our students, we have data, now what?  Now is actually the meaningful and exciting part, but is also a difficult shift for a teacher to make.   By nature, a teacher’s work focuses on […]

Common Student Growth Questions

These are some questions/concerns teachers have been frequently asking.  Hopefully these answers can help you get on the right track. Printable Download Q: What is student growth? Student growth is a demonstrable change in the knowledge and skills of a student or a group of students, as evidenced by gain and/or attainment on two or more […]

Measuring Growth in PE: IDEAS for Overcoming Roadblocks

Assessments should be an authentic reflection of the learning happening is the classroom. Physical Education (PE) is no exception.  In a performance-based course such as PE, the assessments should be performance-based in nature. There are, of course, instances in which the variability of teaching and curriculum makes the assessment types we see look different. Roadblocks […]

The Formative

The role formative assessment is often unclear in classrooms.  Misunderstandings about assessment types, grades, and achieving mastery has muddied the waters of the formative assessments. FORmatives… FOR what purpose? FOR who? FOR what now?   Clearing Up Definitions The Formative Assessment is an assessment for learning.  (Ainsworth & Viegut, 2006, Bailey & Jakicic, 2012) It occurs […]

Task Analysis to Measure Student Growth

Task Analysis is a great way to measure growth.  As a special education teacher, I used task analysis with my students to measure their increasing independence on a task.  This method can be applied anytime a student is growing/improving by completing a task with less and less scaffolding (for example, independence in reading a text, […]

Differentiated Goal Writing: Tiered Targets

Approaches to Writing Differentiated Goals Student Growth Goals (also referred to as Growth Targets) are detailed, measurable goals for student learning and growth developed collaboratively by educators and their evaluators.  They are based on student learning needs identified by a review of students’ baseline skills.  The goals are aligned to course standards and measure learning […]