Turning Pre-Assessment Data into Growth Goals

It can be overwhelming.  Many teachers ask me, “how can I translate this spreadsheet of numbers into actionable items?”   When presented with a list of numbers, it can be a struggle to translate this into students and need levels.  Here are some starter ideas to get teachers more comfortable with their data. Imagine a […]

Student Growth and Educators

Student Growth data should impact how we teach.  If a student’s understanding is not growing, something is not working.   Our job as educators is to attempt to fix it: adjust the services for that student, change the way we are teaching, provide additional assistance, etc.  Seems almost overly intuitive. Typically, what should Student Growth […]

Upcoming FREE Web Events

Join us for a free web-event: The Balanced Assessment System. October 17, 2013:  1pm Click here to Sign Up! Considering the wide spectrum of assessment types we give students, how can educators be sure each tool we use is effective?  A Balanced Assessment System is critical.  How can educators be sure that tool is worth the loss […]

How do I know assessments are comparable for measuring growth?

Data points must be similar in order to be comparable. Consider this example:  Would you easily be able to tell someone how much weight you lost by using one scale with pounds and a few weeks later, taking a body fat test?  Yes, I could be done…but it would require conversions and leads to imprecision. […]

Common Core Standards Communication

Addressing Confusion about the Common Core State Standards It’s important to communicate with parents and community members about our standards.  Here is something I wrote for local publication: There are some new academic standards in town.  They are robust and relevant to the real world, and they reflect knowledge and skills our young people need […]

Level One Workshop Registration is OPEN

Take the mystery out of student growth! Kids At The Core is hosting a one-day workshop to help districts in the starting phases of implementing student growth.  Presenter Anne Weerda will share a review of PERA law and district requirements, an overview of how to get student growth data, important information for your transitions and […]