Assessment Review Process

Assessments are critical. The “right” assessments are even more important.

Good instruction includes: reviewing the assessment results, writing goals, making instructional changes to meet individual student needs, and discussing the progress toward goals. It is imperative that this time is spent looking at high quality tools.

How do we know if our assessments are great, valid measurements of learning?

Providing critical feedback as well as constructive guidance, we help teachers think through their tools and improve the richness of the assessment and the data it can provide.  Through careful analysis of the assessments, alignment documents and protocols, our team produces a written document that includes a detailed analysis of each assessment as well as a dashboard summary for administration outlining areas of strengths and opportunities for growth.  It is a great way to confirm the assessments are heading in the right direction, as well as identify next steps in professional growth.

  • Formal Review Products for Targeted Improvement

Assessment Set Review Includes

  • General Observations
    • Alignment Analysis
    • Standards Alignment (where applicable)
    • State and National Assessment Alignment (where applicable)
  • Assessment Construction and Design
    • Distractor Analysis
    • Validity Analysis
    • Reliability Analysis
  • Assessment Complexity and Balance
    • Levels of cognitive demand represented
    • Spectrum of complexity represented
  • Ability to Document Growth (where applicable)
    • Ability to show longitudinal growth
    • Comparable data points to demonstrate change in understanding

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