Quality Assessment Checklist

We can agree:  quality is the cornerstone.

A quality assessment checklist is a helpful tool for teachers or administrators making sure the assessments used with students are the very best.


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Understanding Assesment Validity

Teachers give up instructional TIME to give the assessment, panning TIME to grade the assessment and preparation TIME to analyze the results.  If the tool does not give back information that will help instruct students immediately, it isn’t a good use of our precious TIME!

Lets resolve to use quality assessments. This checklist is a great tool for teacher teams and educator evaluator conferences to discuss the quality of an assessment tool.


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Anne Weerda
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Anne Weerda

This article was written by Kids at the Core founder, Anne Weerda.

Anne is an assessment and curriculum specialist best known for her work in assessment design, data analysis and instructional effectiveness. Anne is a sought after speaker in the area of assessment design, curriculum and instruction.
Anne Weerda
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