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Join us for a free web-event: The Balanced Assessment System.

October 17, 2013:  1pm Click here to Sign Up!

Considering the wide spectrum of assessment types we give students, how can educators be sure each tool we use is effective?  A Balanced Assessment System is critical.  How can educators be sure that tool is worth the loss of instructional time it takes to administer?  And maybe most importantly, how can we be sure we are giving the right kind of assessments to prepare measuring student growth?

If you are preparing to move toward student growth as a major component of your data picture, it is important to consider assessment elements and conduct an assessment inventory. If you are a classroom teacher, a department leader or even a superintendent, knowing the overall picture of assessments you are working with is essential.


Join us for a free web-event: Common Assessments for Growth 

November 7, 2013:  1pm Click here to Sign Up!

The research community has pointed to common assessments as a cornerstone tool in great teaching for years.  Collaboratively created common assessments offer timely feedback on student learning aligned to COMMON expectations within a grade level or course.  If a team intentionally selects the key skills/knowledge that all students should have, and the common assessments measure the change in knowledge on those key skills/knowledge…we have a winner!  Data from the assessments in that set can be used to guide instructional choices and provide the 

 So, if even if you didn’t have to write an SLO, and you do not have to put growth on your evaluation….creating and using common assessments to measure student growth is a BEST PRACTICE in education.  This quick video will talk about using these tools for GREAT teaching, GREAT collaboration and alignment, and for ensuring all students are growing. And THAT is why we are here.

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