Evaluation Conversation Worksheet: Phase 1 SLO Approval

Assessment Validity Checklist Resource

Once the assessment draft is created, there are often questions of assessment quality and validity. Download our assessment checklist to help you write a valid questions leading to a high quality assessment.assessment validity checklist

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Is THIS a Quality Assessment?

Tough question. It is essential that we give kids great assessments.  I have often talked about “junk in, junk out.”  Spend hours analyzing data that comes from a “junk” assessment, you will not have the good information that can help you teach differently tomorrow, or help individual students grow and succeed.


The importance of quality assessment tools is not a question as much as: HOW do we make sure we are using quality assessments?

Checklists for both Typical classroom, and common assessments, performance assessments and even a tool to serve as a graphic organizer for planning an assessment can be dowloaded by clicking the links below.


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Writing Great Rubrics

Rubrics are wonderful tools for defining quality for a process, product of behavior. They are powerful tools for both teaching and learning as they help communicate what it takes to succeed.

Question Complexity & Question Format

When measuring student understanding, teachers have CHOICES!  Performance assessments, written assessments, discussions, multiple choice, fill in the blank….

One of the greatest ways to narrow your focus is to examine the complexity of the skill you intend to measure.  This will often help you narrow down the format for the question.

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This chart was adapted from Classroom Assessment For Student Learning

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Growth Goal Types & Sample Templates

Sometimes writing your SLO or SLT growth goals can be complicated. This tool gives sample goals and templates to get you started making student growth goals.

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Elementary Reading Performance Rubric

This rubric is intended for a 1:1 performance assessment. It was designed by special education teachers working with students at multiple ability levels. The design is to give an “end of year complexity” passage to the students at the beginning of the year and then work through 10 different questions targeting specific skill types from vocabulary to inferencing. The assessment then would be repeated at multiple points to gather growth data with the reading passages remaining at the end of year complexity. The reliability of the assessment lies in the consistency in which prompts and assistance is given to the student as well as the way the points are awarded. This rubric should get your creative juices flowing if this is appropriate for your students!

Download Elementary Reading Performance Rubric Here

Lexile Levels

Don’t miss the updated text lexile levels with the Common Core Standards.