Evaluation Conversation Worksheet: Phase 1 SLO Approval

Is THIS a Quality Assessment?

Tough question. It is essential that we give kids great assessments.  I have often talked about “junk in, junk out.”  Spend hours analyzing data that comes from a “junk” assessment, you will not have the good information that can help you teach differently tomorrow, or help individual students grow and succeed.


The importance of quality assessment tools is not a question as much as: HOW do we make sure we are using quality assessments?

Checklists for both Typical classroom, and common assessments, performance assessments and even a tool to serve as a graphic organizer for planning an assessment can be dowloaded by clicking the links below.


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SLO Rosters

Keeping track of the students associated with a particular learning goal or target is important.  The SLO Roster is the list of names of students associated with a single Student Learning Objective or Goal.  The SLO roster may be the same as the classroom enrollment roster, or it may differ (ex: a subset of the enrollment, students enrolled only between particular dates, students only in the 4th period section of several chemistry classes taught by the same teacher).

SLO Roster Template

Download SLO Roster Scoring  Template


The students who will be on a teacher’s SLO Roster depend on structure of the SLO and vary from state to state and district to district.  Some SLO Rosters include all student in a course or grade level shared among several different teachers, other SLO Rosters include only students enrolled in a teacher’s homeroom or course.  For more information you may want to consider different SLO target approaches.