Educator-Evaluator Conversation

The Cornerstone to SLO Success

The SLO is designed to promote dialogue and and conversation around student learning, curriculum, assessment and differentiation.  Early research in the SLO process emphasizes the importance of collaboration and professional conversation to the success of the SLOs.

Our conversation guide will help spark discussion around important SLO items.

Coaching Conversation Practice

  • Validate the educator’s work and time
  • Clarify the educator’s plan
  • Stretch the educator’s thinking

Level: K-12

Focus: All Subject

Evaluator-Educator Conversation Worksheet

This Kids At The Core Sample SLO is 100% FREE to download!  Do not hesitate to use it as inspiration, or share it with your colleagues.  For more free SLO examples, check out our SLO Examples page and download them all!

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Anne Weerda

This article was written by Kids at the Core founder, Anne Weerda.

Anne is an assessment and curriculum specialist best known for her work in assessment design, data analysis and instructional effectiveness. Anne is a sought after speaker in the area of assessment design, curriculum and instruction.
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