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Assessment Literacy and Student Growth

Start Date: June 30, 2014
Credits:  3 Credits
Length: 5 Weeks
Cost Graduate Level: $750
Cost Non-Credit: $300

The process of measuring student growth doesn’t have to be so hard…it can be very rewarding to see your students grow!  Roll up your sleeves and jump in to learning about student growth with a support system!  This course will help teachers understand they types of student growth data that can be collected, choose meaningful topics and writing a quality assessment and growth goal.  Learn how to face this challenge by walking through the process with support and advice at each step of the way.

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Why take a K@C Class?

1) High Quality, Relevant Content – The K@C classes are designed for educators facing changing initiatives by practitioners.  That means your getting professional development designed by other educators facing the same initiatives as you, with experience and resources to share.  The course material can be applied immediately.

2) Convenience – Being an educator is hard and often requires long hours.  You have a lot on  your plate!  K@C online graduate courses are flexible so you don’t have to meet at a particular time or place.  Get professional development when it works for you!

3) Graduate Credit – We are proud of our partnership with Aurora University to offer you fully transferable graduate courses.  You can use this credit when renewing your license, moving on the pay scale, or potentially while earning a masters degree either at AU or other university.

4) Meaningful Networking – You are not alone.  There are teachers everywhere facing the same initiatives, asking the same questions.  Much of what you can learn will be through relationships and opportunities to ask other just like you.

5) Flexibility – With online learning you have the ability to learn at your own time and pace.  Time is at a premium for educators.  With this course, there are no specific meeting times and all deadlines are presented at the start of the course.  You have the flexibility to plan around your schedule.

All K@C Courses are full accredited though our educational partnership with
Aurora University, IL