Measurement Models

A growth model is a “collection of definitions, calculations or rules that summarizes student performance over two or more time points and supports interpretation about the students, their classrooms, their educators or their schools.”   (Castellano & Ho, 2013)

Within each measurement model, there are several pros and cons to each.  It is important to understand the model to use it well.


MeasurementModels KATC Download: Measurement Models Simplified

measurementmodelcomplex KATC Download: Measurement Models Detailed

 Still interested in learning more? There are lots of research articles and tools available on the topic.  Here are a few that are also available online.

Castellano, Katherine & Ho, Andrew (2013) A Practitioner’s’ Guide to Growth Models. CCSSO

Braun, H. (2005) Using Student Progress to Evaluate Teachers

Raudenbush, S. (2014) What Do We Know About the Long Term Impacts of Teacher Value Added?

Raudenbush, S. (2013) What Do We Know About Using Value Added to Compare Teachers who Work in Different Schools?

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