Quincy Conference 2.1 

Anne Weerda

10:30: Quality SLO Goals

SLO ToolkitDescription:

Writing an SLO can be an overwhelming process for teachers because it requires many elements of data literacy, assessment literacy and instructional competencies combined into one process.  This session will break down the process, examine ways to write your SLO goal, and examine ways we can use available data to be rigorous yet realistic!

SLO Goal Presentation

1:15: Measuring Growth: Asking the “Right” Questions


Question StemsLet’s get question complexity right for your students!  Ask your BEST questions.  We can agree everything we teach isn’t at the same level of difficulty–let’s make sure questioning reflects that. Asking questions that are reflective of  many complexity levels isn’t easy.  This presentation will arm you with tools from OLD (Blooms & DOK) to NEW (Marzano & more)…arm you with time saving question stems aligned to standards …arm you with examples and resources.  Let’s tackle several hot issues from procedural and conceptual questioning to content vs skill instruction.

Measuring Growth with Anne Weerda

2:30: Measuring Growth: Authentic Performance Assessment

Growth Assessment Design. jpgDescription:

Authentic Assessments: Real assessments of real learning! Non-authentic assessments may be as problematic as inferring driving ability from written tests alone. Let’s present the students with tasks that mirror the priorities and challenges found in our best instructional activities. Great questions, great rubrics, great results.  Lets be teachers who “ace” it!

Authentic Assessment with anne weerda

Anne Weerda
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Anne Weerda

This article was written by Kids at the Core founder, Anne Weerda.

Anne is an assessment and curriculum specialist best known for her work in assessment design, data analysis and instructional effectiveness. Anne is a sought after speaker in the area of assessment design, curriculum and instruction.
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