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eduCLIMBER: Creating Authentic Assessments

July 1, 2016/by Dawn Monge

Evaluation Conversation Worksheet: Phase 1 SLO Approval

June 24, 2016/by Anne Weerda

Assessment Validity Checklist Resource

Once the assessment draft is created, there are often questions of assessment quality and validity. Download our assessment checklist to help…
February 29, 2016/by Anne Weerda

Is THIS a Quality Assessment?

Tough question. It is essential that we give kids great assessments.  I have often talked about "junk in, junk out."  Spend hours analyzing…
February 23, 2016/by Anne Weerda

Measurement Models

A growth model is a “collection of definitions, calculations or rules that summarizes student performance over two or more time points and…
November 28, 2015/by Anne Weerda

What’s A Great Goal Strategy? Approaches to Setting Goals

There are many approaches to the goal writing process from individual teachers setting targets to Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) working…
November 17, 2015/by Anne Weerda

SLO Rosters

Keeping track of the students associated with a particular learning goal or target is important.  The SLO Roster is the list of names of students…
November 17, 2015/by Anne Weerda

Writing Tiered Goals (Handout)

Using the tiered method of writing goals is gaining popularity. Tiered Goals are differentiated targets for groups of students with similar…
November 16, 2015/by Anne Weerda

Writing Great Rubrics

Rubrics are wonderful tools for defining quality for a process, product of behavior. They are powerful tools for both teaching and learning as they help communicate what it takes to succeed.
September 22, 2015/by Anne Weerda

Question Complexity & Question Format

When measuring student understanding, teachers have CHOICES!  Performance assessments, written assessments, discussions, multiple choice, fill…
September 16, 2015/by Anne Weerda

Grade 8 Social Studies SLO

September 14, 2015/by Dawn Monge

6-8 ELA Writing SLO

September 14, 2015/by Dawn Monge

K-5 Music

September 14, 2015/by Dawn Monge

K-5 Art SLO

September 14, 2015/by Dawn Monge

Content Fact & Content Skill Planner

There are several subjects that teach students factual knowledge, conceptual knowledge, procedural knowledge and metacognitive knowledge.  This…
May 17, 2015/by Anne Weerda

Growth Goal Types & Sample Templates

Sometimes writing your SLO or SLT growth goals can be complicated. This tool gives sample goals and templates to get you started making student…
December 22, 2014/by Anne Weerda

Elementary Reading Performance Rubric

This rubric is intended for a 1:1 performance assessment. It was designed by special education teachers working with students at multiple ability…
December 17, 2014/by Anne Weerda

Backward Planning Tools

Starting with an understanding of our instructional outcomes, and working backward to determine teaching steps as well as assessment tools,…
September 16, 2014/by Anne Weerda

Quality Assessment Checklist

We can agree:  quality is the cornerstone.
A quality assessment checklist is a helpful tool for teachers or administrators making sure the…
July 10, 2014/by Anne Weerda

No-Stakes Implementations

If your district has time to implement a No-Stakes student growth trial period, it will allow you the opportunity to practice writing growth…
July 10, 2014/by Anne Weerda

Lexile Levels

Don't miss the updated text lexile levels with the Common Core Standards.
April 6, 2014/by Anne Weerda

SLO Approaches

Districts facing choices in how to use an SLO or other framework have found themselves in a range of approaches.  This diagram is very helpful…
April 6, 2014/by Anne Weerda

Assessment Blueprint Tool

An architect and contractor wouldn't build a house without a blueprint.  As educators, we should build our assessments intentionally using a…
January 23, 2014/by Anne Weerda

Assessment Inventory

Click Here to Download & Use!
A helpful exercise for both departments and individual teachers.

Once all assessments given are listed,…
October 24, 2013/by Anne Weerda

Question Stems

When writing questions, using a similar stem with two different passages, experiments or pictures will help keep the level of cognitive demand…
October 2, 2013/by Anne Weerda

Assessment Types

October 2, 2013/by Anne Weerda

Growth: Quality Assessment Elements

A great assessment set to measure student growth and learning must be designed to be comparable.
The comparable points must have consistent…
September 29, 2013/by Anne Weerda

The Big Shift

A positive planning attitude is essential to the cultural shift of discussing student growth on evaluations. Don't underestimate the complicated nature of this undertaking. It requires multiple years of in-district planning.
April 10, 2013/by Anne Weerda