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Common Student Growth Questions

These are some questions/concerns teachers have been frequently asking.  Hopefully these answers can help you get on the right track. Printable Download Q: What is student growth? Student growth is a demonstrable change in the knowledge and skills of a student or a group of students, as evidenced by gain and/or attainment on two or more […]


The Formative

The role formative assessment is often unclear in classrooms.  Misunderstandings about assessment types, grades, and achieving mastery has muddied the waters of the formative assessments. FORmatives… FOR what purpose? FOR who? FOR what now?   Clearing Up Definitions The Formative Assessment is an assessment for learning.  (Ainsworth & Viegut, 2006, Bailey & Jakicic, 2012) It occurs […]


Writing Better Multiple Choice: Pitfalls and Solutions

  The multiple choice question, also known as the selected response or forced choice is an important element of any teacher’s assessment toolbox. Quality assessment hinges on appropriate question format, often which includes the multiple choice question. Multiple Choice Question Anatomy In most forced choice questions, there will be a question, several options (typically 4) one […]


Question Complexity & Form: Making a Good Match

We all agree everything we teach isn’t the same level of difficulty.  Some objectives are easy.  Other objectives are hard.  And of course, everything in-between.   The assessments we create and use should be reflective of the spectrum of cognitive demand present within our classrooms. However, far to often, the assessments are predominantly at the lowest […]